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Specializing in high-density, multiple-deep storage systems, we are the top choice order fulfillment solution provider for manufacturers and regional distributors.

Westfalia's customizable automated storage/retrieval systems (AS/RS) can adapt to a variety of loads and temperature ranges for both non-rack and rack supported structures.

Today's modern warehousing systems are required to process increasingly complex tasks and provide reliability and flexibility for future needs. We understand the manufacturing and storage challenges essential to success and growth of your warehouse or distribution center (DC). Westfalia’s team of automation experts break through the barriers of standard warehouse design, opening many new opportunities for higher productivity, better space utilization and greater economic justification.

Quality, Reliability & Flexibility

The Benefits of AS/RS Integration

Westfalia's world-class high-density AS/RS solutions deliver the flexibility, reliability and efficiency required in today's manufacturing warehouses and DCs.

Westfalia's AS/RS technology:

  • Takes a data-centric approach to your AS/RS design offering flexibility during inventory changes
  • Maximizes available storage space in existing structures, eliminating the need for off-site storage
  • Minimizes overall building footprint up to 50% or more versus conventional warehouses
  • Reduces energy use, labor and product damage costs
  • Increases inventory accuracy and customer service
  • Has an lifespan of 25+ years

Westfalia's AS/RS components include:

  • Westfalia’s automated systems are not limited by depth, height or width. Westfalia's double mast storage/retrieval machine (S/RM) is designed to cover large horizontal and vertical distances reaching horizontal speeds of 900ft./min. and vertical speeds of 400ft./min.

  • Westfalia's Satellite® pallet handling technology can store pallets in lanes up to 18 positions deep on each side of the S/RM aisle. The Satellite’s design offers many benefits over and above telescoping shuttle designs, as the cantilevered design of the telescoping shuttles are subject to deflection.

    Westfalia's Satellite® System Advantages:

    • Uses a counter rotation principle to quickly and safely move pallets at a rate up to 120 pallets per hour per S/RM with gentle starts and stops
    • Can transport loads in a variety of sizes and shapes while providing precision placement and retrieval of pallets within the racking structure, with constant spacing
    • Handles various pallet types such as standard GMA, CHEP, 9-block or other custom pallets
    • Ability to store pallets with either long or short side leading
    • Can be lengthened or shortened to accommodate non-standard unit loads and designed to handle one or two pallets at a time
    • Able to be designed for different aisle heights and widths
  • Our Savanna.NET® application controls all inventory management and order fulfillment tasks from product receipt to order shipment.

    >> Learn more about Savanna.NET® WES

    • conveyors
    • layer or case picking
    • palletizing equipment... and more!

Better by design

Triple Rail Support

Westfalia's systems are better by design due to the ability to handle multiple pallet types thanks to our Satellite® technology and triple rail support.

"Choosing Westfalia allowed us to design our freezer around property we had available, while at the same time maximizing our pallet positions. Working with the Westfalia team was a great experience. Everyone we worked with are all true professionals."

Ryan Wright | VP of Engineering

Bellisio Foods

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