Privately Owned

AS/RS stores and retrieves flavors and fragrances

Firmenich Inc., the world's largest privately owned manufacturer of flavors and fragrances installed Westfalia's Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) in conjunction with Savanna.NET® Warehouse Management System (WMS) to support their operations at their Plainsboro, N.J. facility.

We selected Westfalia’s Satellite® AS/RS simply because it’s the superior product.

Doug Hartlove | Previous Manager of Engineering

Our challenge

Increase throughput of raw materials and maintain inventory controls

Firmenich Inc. needed a solution that would store and retrieve raw materials while increasing throughput. The solution needed to provide Firmenich with the ability to retrieve raw materials when required for selected recipes, and then re-store the unused portions of the material.

Our Solution

Westfalia's single deep AS/RS and WMS

Firmenich Inc. partnered with Westfalia Technologies, Inc. for the design of a single deep Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) with Telescopic Satellite® technology.

The system measures 200 feet long x 80 feet wide, utilizing two Storage Retrieval/Machines (S/RM) with 80 linear feet of conveyors. As in a classic single deep system, Westfalia’s S/RM runs on a floor rail and is captive to a single aisle. The pallets, however, are not stored immediately off the main aisle, but in corridors that branch off the aisle. These corridors are accessed by a Satellite® equipped with telescopic forks which is transported by the S/RM. The AS/RS is used to retrieve raw materials when required for selected recipes, and then re-stores the unused portions all while maintaining accurate inventory control with Savanna.NET®.

System Features

    • 200’ long x 80’ wide x 60’ high
    • 80 linear feet of conveyors
    • 10-level rack system
    • 2 Storage/Retrieval Machines (S/RM)
    • 3,300 pallet positions
    • Savanna.NET® WMS
    • Laser positioning enables precise positioning, and reduces the wear on the equipment
    • Allen Bradley ControLogic
    • PLC and drive system is accessible via VPN for remote assistance
    • Digital drive technology
    • Increased speed and throughput
    • Accurate inventory control