Single, double-deep and multiple-deep AS/RS

With a repertoire in single-deep, double-deep pallet racking and multiple deep AS/RS solutions, or a combination of any of these, Westfalia can bridge the gap between restrictive designs and flexible creativity.

Westfalia has extensive experience in combining single-deep or double-deep AS/RS storage lanes with high-density, multiple deep configurations in the same aisle using the same storage and retrieval machine (S/RM). Based on a comprehensive analysis of your warehouse needs Westfalia can design an AS/RS to provide maximum storage density with significant cost savings.

Unique to the storage industry, Westfalia’s flexible designs are able to store pallets or containers in multiple deep lanes from 2 to 12 pallets deep, allowing the generation of efficient storage designs in existing “low bay warehouses” as well as new rack supported structures up to 140’ high. 

Westfalia AS/RS S/RM

Single and double-deep AS/RS

As a rule, products with low inventory levels require instant accessibility. Under such circumstances the single-deep or double-deep AS/RS with telescopic fork(s) has proven the most meaningful and economical automated warehousing solution.

Single-deep AS/RS:

  • Single-deep automated storage comprises direct retrieval of all unit loads in storage from either side of any S/RM
  • It is ideal for a lower range of items or stock keep units (SKUs) that require instant accessibility to every unit load
  • Standard single-deep AS/RS operate using a telescopic fork

Double-deep AS/RS:

  • Double-deep racking systems involve the retrieval of unit loads in storage from either side of any S/RM aisle in a double-deep configuration
  • It is useful for warehouses with a larger range of items or SKUs and greater variations of inventory levels per SKU
  • Double-deep AS/RS utilize a telescopic fork but could also use a Satellite® device for heavier loads

High-density, multiple deep AS/RS

Designing a high-density, multiple-deep AS/RS to fit a client’s mix of fast to slow moving products is nothing new to Westfalia.  Westfalia’s high-density; multiple deep AS/RS are the most environmentally friendly warehouse designs. Westfalia’s Satellite® transport technology (rack entry vehicle) enables these multiple deep AS/RS configurations to store pallets up to 18 deep. This translates into a smaller building footprint, and in turn has less impact on the surrounding environment.            

High-density, multiple deep AS/RS advantages:                                     

  • Multiple-deep storage systems retrieve loads from either side of any S/RM aisle in a high-density storage configuration  
  • It is beneficial for businesses handling a low to medium range of SKUs where inventory levels per SKU are higher, (i.e. >10 pallets per SKU)
  • Ability to store pallets 2 to 12 deep without numerous aisles allows planners to use land and space more effectively
  • A taller, more efficient multiple-deep warehouse saves energy
  • Regenerative braking on our S/RM's saves money and reduces the carbon footprint of the facility

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