Unit loads, layer-loads and extra-large loads

Westfalia designs automated warehouses to handle three types of loads; pallet loads, rolls or containers consisting of full unit loads, layer loads or extra-large loads such as vehicles.  

The AS/RS uses a storage and retrieval machine (S/RM) to transport these various loads and is designed to accommodate up to 16,000 lbs. per load. The S/RM, using Westfalia's Satellite® technology, also has the ability to store and retrieve either single or tandem loads, depending on the customers unique specifications.

Westfalia specializes in high-density, multiple deep storage configurations for each of the described load sizes, storing 2 to 18 pallets deep depending on the configuration. 

All Westfalia solutions are designed with flexibility to satisfy your needs today, and offer expansion potential for the future of a variety of industries

Westfalia ASRS unit load

Unit-load AS/RS solutions:

  • All size of pallets - CHEP, GMA or Euro, plastic or slave—we can fine tune our systems to work with your custom requirements 
  • Automatic, semi-automatic, and manual modes 
  • Triple or quadruple pallet support depending on pallet weight
  • Stores pallets with either long or short side leading
  • Order processing with integrated order fulfillment systems 
  • Palletless systems can be used for fluid products, shipping in plastic 16 quart, 24 quart dairy cases, rolled goods such as paper, tissues, fine paper, base paper or special paper and bakery pans

Layer-load AS/RS solutions:

Westfalia’s Automated Layer Picking System prepares layers ahead of time, stores them and releases them in the appropriate sequence, controlled by Savanna.NET®, Warehouse Execution System (WES)

  • Move, store and retrieve products in layers without a pallet to meet just-in-time order requirements
  • Load layers onto a pallet in proper sequence so “rainbow pallets” can be created
  • Utilizes Westfalia's Satellite® transport shuttle design
  • Utilizes a Storage/Retrieval Machine (S/RM) which is captive to a main aisle
  • Transfer approximately 90 layers per hour per S/RM

Extra-large load AS/RS solutions:

Westfalia's extra-large load AS/RS solutions are designed for the parking and self storage industries, quickly and quietly storing and retrieving vehicles and storage modules.

  • Standardized self storage modules are 10’ x 20’ and can hold a maximum of 16,000 lbs. - each module can be sub-divided into standard industry sizes 
  • Savanna.NET® WMS/WCS software is integrated to control, manage and record all module/vehicle movements within the facility
  • Triple or quadruple pallet support depending on pallet weight
  • The AS/RS can be adapted to each projects requirements
  • Less building space is required, increasing other income generating areas such as apartments, wine storage, parking spaces, etc.

AS/RS Load Sizes Case Studies:

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Glenmore Distillery

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Buffalo Trace Distillery

Buffalo Trace Distillery

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