November 09 2015


Westfalia Technologies Lands Second Consecutive Green Supply Chain Award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Logistics solutions provider recognized for helping plants, warehouses and distribution centers execute green supply chain strategies through automation technologies

York, Pa. – Nov. 9, 2015 - Westfalia Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of logistics solutions for plants, warehouses and distribution centers since 1992, has won its second consecutive Green Supply Chain Award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive. Westfalia has been recognized for helping customers execute green supply chain strategies through its “Go Green with High Density” warehouse automation solutions that allow clients to minimize their building footprint, lower energy usage and reduce waste.

"Since Westfalia’s inception more than 20 years ago, we have been committed to helping our clients not only realize new operational efficiencies and cost savings, but also introduce green supply chain initiatives through warehouse automation,” Dan Labell, owner and president of Westfalia Technologies, said. “Moving forward, Westfalia will continue making environmental consciousness an integral part of our solutions and hope to inspire our clients do the same.”

With Westfalia’s automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), companies are able to reduce their overall building footprint by up to 50 percent when compared to conventional warehouses, while expanding their storage capacity by 30-50 percent. Clients also reduce energy costs by an average of 40 percent due to fewer interior lights and less space to heat and cool. Additional energy savings are possible through Westfalia’s Storage/Retrieval Machines (S/RMs) outfitted with regenerative braking, which allows users to store surplus braking energy or transfer it to the power grid for use by other machines operating on the same grid.

Westfalia’s AS/RS also eliminates the need for fork trucks and lessens the chances of product damage, thereby reducing waste. Without forklifts, warehouses no longer need battery charging stations that not only expend energy, but also require replacing so fewer batteries end up in landfills. Furthermore, Westfalia’s Warehouse Execution System (WES), Savanna.NET®, controls and optimizes material flow within a warehouse, contributing to the elimination of waste and minimizing product damage.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive received more than 100 entries for the 2015 Green Supply Chain Award. The winners are companies making green or sustainability a core part of their supply chain strategy, and are working to achieve measurable sustainability goals within their own operations and/or supply chains, in the areas of Sourcing/Procurement, Fulfillment/Logistics, Operations, Product Lifecycle Management, and other areas of the supply chain. The awards also recognize providers of supply chain solutions and services assisting their customers in achieving measurable sustainability goals.

The official announcement of the awards will appear in the December 2015 Green Supply Chain Award issue of the magazine and online at

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