September 20 2022

A Eisenhart

York, Pa - September 20, 2022 - Westfalia Technologies Inc., a leading provider of logistics solutions for manufacturers and distributors, announces the promotion of Alex Eisenhart to Manager of Business Solutions. Since his hiring in 2007, Alex has excelled as a Senior Software Developer and then Solutions Architect, working in the applications engineering/sales side of the business. In this new role, Alex will be responsible for leading a team of developers as they support data analysis and data management processes within Westfalia’s internal ERP system, as well as rolling out major feature sets that empower the company to be more agile.

With a background in enterprise software development and management, Alex has employed traditional software development practices to expedite the adoption of modern data analysis methodologies, solidifying him as a valuable resource for Westfalia’s ongoing success. The new Business Solutions team consists of a multidisciplinary cross-section of operations experts with software development backgrounds.

Dan Labell, President at Westfalia, said, “With Alex’s many years of experience in solutions and software development roles within Westfalia, I know he’s going to succeed in leading this team through designing automated solutions for a number of current and upcoming projects. His ability to architect and implement high performing server applications ensures we are operating with the most refined automation tools available to manage our business more efficiently.”

As the Manager of Business Solutions, Alex will assist other leaders throughout Westfalia, helping them remove their roadblocks and increase their speed of delivery, from creating warehouse designs to providing customer support. In addition to tackling internal support of mission-critical systems, Alex’s team will “be responsible for keeping an eye on internal ERP projects, to ensure that we’re using technology appropriately, and to find ways to leverage what other teams create. That could be workflows, automation, custom applications, or CRM and ERP solutions.”

“I’m excited to lead a team of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about distributing their knowledge and support, allowing Westfalia to thrive," said Alex. "By combining operations and software specialists into one team, we’ll be uniquely positioned to provide insight and business intelligence to everyone at Westfalia.”

Alex received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Digital Media from Albright College. He also spent time studying Microprocessor Programming and Network Systems abroad at Reutlingen University.