February 28 2014

Robovault ferrari
RoboVault stores an array of fancy cars, like this Ferrari.

Westfalia featured in The Storage Facilitator

Westfalia was featured in a The Storage Facilitator blog titled "Welcome to Floridia's High-end RoboVault, Where 'Mission: Impossible' Meets James Bond" on February 27, 2014. RoboVault, a state-of-the-art, high tech storage facility features Westfalia's Automated Parking Systems, allowing for the storage and retrieval of cars like Maseraties and Bugattis. The proprietary “Carcierge,” for example, makes use of robotic storage and retrieval. It’s bolstered by Westfalia-branded equipment that operates like a sort of revolving robot valet, using cranes to shift and move cars inside RoboVault, depending on the order of delivery and pickup. Hangar doors are big enough to back up a semi-truck and unload an entire garage full of Maseratis and Bugattis. And it’s all automated. Storage starts at 16 feet above sea level; for vehicles, that height is doubled for protection against the elements, tampering or theft.

“There’s no human access. That’s what makes us so secure,” said Melanie Richer, RoboVault’s client services manager.

To read the full blog click here or download a PDF below.