February 20 2013

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Social media

Westfalia is now exchanging ideas virtually

YORK, Pa., Feb. 20, 2013—For over 35 years, Westfalia has been committed to the success of our customers, being an active partner in every stage of their warehouse automation projects with listening and conversation being key ingredients in the equation. Social media will now play a major role in Westfalia’s success formula for our customers.

“Integrating ourselves into the virtual community will allow us to keep abreast of our clients’ industry trends while providing important information about warehouse automation,” said Dan Labell, president, Westfalia Technologies, Inc.

Social media will also bring transparency to Westfalia, building trust and confidence in Westfalia and the people behind the brand. Westfalia will use these platforms to create and share content paying particular attention to our customers interests.

Westfalia is now established on all of the major social media sites including:

Labell continues, “This is the right fit for our organization. We are an innovative, technology-driven company, so why not participate in social media to engage in conversation? Bottom-line is we just want to form stronger long-term relationships and this is just one way we are committed to doing so.”