March 14 2016

Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System

Reduce and Prevent Recalls with a WES

Westfalia’s Dave Williams, director of software and solution delivery, was published by Food Quality & Safety. In the article titled, “Easing Recall Burdens at the Warehouse,” Williams discusses the importance of warehouse automation track-and-trace capabilities to reduce and prevent recalls. The tool that makes this all happen is a warehouse execution system (WES).

A WES combines the functionality of a WMS and a WCS into a single application that manages and controls material flow and order picking. Williams talks in detail about the following advantages a WES has when it comes to preventing recalls:

  • Traceability: A product’s entire lifecycle can be tracked. Data from growers and manufacturers to storage, packaging, transportation and to the retailer’s shelf can easily be tracked.
  • Quick access to data: A WES can pull real time data allowing the batch of recalled product to be identified and pulled, helping to quickly control the situation.
  • Integration with an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS): Integrating with a high-density AS/RS allows for better space utilization and increases the speed of product in and out of the warehouse to reduce food spoilage.
  • Ability for future growth: Combining a WES with an AS/RS will position a company for future growth, allowing consumer demands to be met.

With the way recalls have been in the news lately, changes need to be made to handle them as quickly and quietly as possible. One solution many companies are turning to is implementing warehouse automation accompanied by a WES to stay on top of products and lessen the burden of recalls.

To read the full article published by Food Quality & Safety, click here