March 27 2014

Westfalia Technologies Announces New Conveyor Solution and Other Enhancements

A Commitment to Better Serve Customers Drives Westfalia’s Conveyor Product Line Improvements

Westfalia Technologies, Inc. (, a leading provider of logistics solutions for plants, warehouses and distribution centers since 1992, announced today a series of enhancements to its conveyor product line and a soon-to-be-released new conveyor solution. The upgrades and new release reflect Westfalia’s ongoing commitment to continuous improvement to better serve its customers and add greater efficiencies and cost savings to their operations.

Information about Westfalia’s conveyor solutions can be found at:

The product enhancements involve the following three conveyor models:

Air-chain accumulation conveyor: In addition to the current offering featuring limit-switch style sensors, Westfalia will soon offer these with photo eye sensors. Photoelectric sensing allows the product more applications flexibility by adding additional intelligence to the accumulation process. Timed gaps and other sequences to be PLC programmed.

Conveyor image
Right angle transfer conveyor - Westfalia Technologies

Three-strand chain conveyors: This venerable design is getting several upgrades allowing for better chain protection using a different frame design, as well as streamlining the assembly process internally. Use of a double chain will also be standard, while retaining the small diameter sprockets that allow the transfer of GMA and Chep pallets to operate smoothly.
Right angle transfer pallet handling device: A slave driven roller bed option will be added, allowing a Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) conveyor, adjacent to the right angle transfer, to drive the rollers of the transfer unit.


Westfalia is also introducing a new spring chain pallet transport conveyor – using small diameter wheels, double staggered, to provide smooth pallet transportation. This addition to the product line recognizes that oftentimes customers need to transport pallets over long distances without an ongoing need for accumulation. The spring chain design allows this conveyor to be used in combination with air-chain accumulator models. For example, users will be able to install a 100-foot-long conveyor more inexpensively by placing accumulators at the front-end only, say 10 zones, and then using the spring chain pallet conveyor along the first 10 zones. Such a combination involves fewer moving parts and allows two modes of operation (transport / accumulation) within the same conveyor. Only one motor is needed.

Dan Labell, owner and president of Westfalia Technologies, said, “We are committed to constantly improving the quality, value and integrity of our product lines. Efforts relative to our conveyor solutions represent the first in a series of product announcements Westfalia will make in the months to come. Still, these enhancements are an important component in elevating our high-quality, end-to-end logistics solutions to even higher levels, increasing the economy, efficiency and reliability customers expect from our systems.”