January 20 2015

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Savanna.NET WES

Logistics software helps bakers and snack producers better manage operations

Article by: Neal Lorenzi, Snack Food and Wholesale Baker, Janurary 8, 2015

Dave Williams, director of software development, was recently featured in Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery, stating "a WES can help bakeries and snack food plants move product more efficiently because it simplifies all warehouse communication and controls." Snack food manufactures and bakers need to follow the same food safety regulations that other food manufacturers do. This requires accurately tracing products throughout the entire warehouse process and supply chain. The traceability of products for snack food producers and bakers starts with state-of-the-art software solutions that can provides real-time management of product information and processes surrounding the movement of product. Coupled with the management of the product is the control of the automated material handling equipment that handle the snack foods and baked products.

This is where a WES is beneficial to the snack food manufacturers and bakers. A warehouse execution system (WES) has built-in integration of the warehouse management system (WMS and a warehouse control system (WCS) feature sets in the same application. This allows the system to handle transaction processing between the two very efficiently. In solutions where the WMS and WCS are separate, this task is often more complex and less efficient.

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