August 08 2014

Robo Vault

Automated High-Tech System Gives RoboVault a Big Lift

By Jay MacDonald, The Storage Facilitator

The Storage Facilitator recently featured Westfalia’s customer, RoboVault in a blog about its ultra-secure automated self storage system.

The blog depicts the automated self storage facilities benefits which cater specifically to its high–end clientele. With a facility spanning 155,000 square feet, RoboVault provides five sizes of storage modules. Westfalia’s Savanna.NET software manages and tracks all 539 storage modules ensuring security and protection. This automated self storage facility is truly “like a moving and storage company on steroids”, says Susan McGregor, president and general manager of RoboVault.

Eliminating hassle, the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) brings convenience to customers as a bay of valuables can be delivered in a matter of minutes. Dave Williams, director of software and solutions delivery for Westfalia said, "other self-storage operators could benefit from the technology by converting and retrofitting buildings such as inner-city warehouses and parking garages."

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