March 14 2014

Five biggest Wirtz

Five Biggest Beverage Warehousing Developments

Westfalia’s solutions have recently been highlighted in Beverage World’s article, “Five Biggest Beverage Warehousing Developments.”

Beverage manufacturers and distributors are faced with an increasingly complex work environment due to SKU proliferation, more complicated product orders, more demanding expectations for order accuracy and the need to increase efficiency to help with the bottom line. Automation technology has become an invaluable tool for many warehouse operators, even if it’s just semi-automated systems, by cutting labor, increasing pick speeds and accuracy and boosting the overall efficiency of day-to-day operations. Here is a review of some of the automated solutions beverage warehouse operators are investing in to keep things moving smoothly.

  1. Case Picking
  2. Layer Picking
  3. Stretch Wrappers
  4. Automated Storage and retrieval Systems
  5. Automated Guided Vehicles

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