June 22 2020


YORK, Pa. – June 22, 2020 – Westfalia Technologies, Inc. (Westfalia), a leading provider of logistics solutions for manufacturers and distributors since 1992, announces that Bellisio Foods is in the process of installing the company’s warehouse automation technology at its Jackson, Ohio facility. The automated storage/retrieval system (AS/RS) with an integrated conveyor system is controlled by Westfalia’s Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System (WES) and will enable Bellisio to increase storage capacity and ship products faster than before.

Bellisio found its existing warehouse operating at full capacity with limited expansion options. In addition, the company’s current manual processes hindered efficiency as the company grew. When Bellisio needed to build a conventional freezer, the company turned to Westfalia for a solution that would meet its throughput requirements, improve shipping efficiencies, increase warehouse storage capacity and scale for future updates.

Ryan Wright, Vice President of Engineering, Bellisio Foods, said, “Choosing Westfalia allowed us to design our freezer around property we had available, while at the same time maximizing our pallet positions. Working with the Westfalia team was a great experience. Everyone we worked with are all true professionals.”

Bellisio is the third-largest producer of frozen entrées in the United States. Its products are primarily sold in the United States but are also distributed in over 12 countries worldwide. Today, the company markets more than 400 products spanning across a wide variety of categories. While most of Bellisio's products are branded, the company also manufactures private label and co-pack retail products. Bellisio’s frozen food brands include Michelina’s, Boston Market, EatingWell, Atkins, and Authentic Asia, among others.

The AS/RS is directly tied to palletizing. This system will allow Bellisio to efficiently transport pallets from production to storage, alleviating the need for physically demanding, repetitive labor within freezing conditions. Westfalia’s WES, Savanna.NET®, will streamline warehousing operations and provide real-time inventory tracking and accuracy.

Dan Labell, President, Westfalia Technologies, said, “A key benefit of a high-density AS/RS is its unique ability to improve space utilization in an existing facility without the need for a costly expansion or off-site storage. This is especially appealing to the frozen food industry, as many producers and distributors, like Bellisio Foods, are operating at maximum capacity, while handling a growing number of SKUs. Westfalia’s AS/RS, integrated with our Savanna.NET® WES, will provide Bellisio with additional operational efficiencies, cost savings and a competitive advantage.”