December 15 2015

John Hinchey headshot
John Hinchey

How the Power of Automation Reduces Energy Consumption in Food, Beverage Warehouses

By: John Hinchey, Vice President of Sales

John Hinchey, vice president of sales, Westfalia Technologies, Inc., discusses how automation can help food and beverage operators reduce energy consumption in a recent article published in Refrigerated & Frozen Foods. Some may say that implementing automaton is a large upfront investment, but the long term return on investment from an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) cannot be compared to that of a conventional warehouse.

Hinchey outlines the following benefits in his article that food and beverage warehouses will see with automation:

  • More efficient space utilization
  • Fewer interior lights
  • 40% reduction in overall energy cost
  • More products can be stored in the same, if not smaller, amount of space
  • An AS/RS can minimize the overall building footprint by up to 50%
  • There is less area to cool for refrigerated warehouses

With each of these benefits taken into consideration, there is no better way to overcome high-energy consumption costs than by implementing automation technology.

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