September 10 2015

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7 Steps to Take Before You Install an Automated Warehouse System

Article by Bridget McCrea, Contributing Editor, Modern Materials Handling Magazine

Our very own, Dan Labell, president, Westfalia Technologies, was interviewed in an article published by Modern Materials Handling. The article titled, “7 Steps to Take Before You Install an Automated Warehouse System", gives insight on what one should to do before jumping into an automated solution for a warehouse or distribution center.

The steps outlined in the article are as follows:

  • Figure out if your company is ready for an automated system
  • Understand how the system supports your company’s logistics
  • Put someone in charge early in the process
  • Make sure your system meets your performance specifications
  • Get the right support infrastructure in place
  • Don’t overlook the complexities of data migration
  • Assemble a great “pit crew” early in the process

Each of these step are integral to the pre installation of a system and Labell touches on a few of them. He suggests preparing the appropriate people for the new system. He is quoted saying, “In many cases, companies haven’t decided who will be responsible for the automation early enough. Then, they wind up scrambling to get the right people hired or identified within the organization.” Not only is having the right people in charge early-on in the planning process important, but building a strong support infrastructure inside and outside of the company. Labell explains by saying, “Companies that overlook these steps wind up with a lot of sleepless nights and ‘bad vibes’ as things go wrong during the system’s first few weeks in place. You don’t want to have people stumbling around and not knowing who to call when something goes wrong.”

Every automated warehouse system is unique and complex. Without a solid strategy in place before the project gets rolling, there is a lot of room for error, which could lead to a delay in commissioning.

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