March 03 2022

Many historians claim that the transition from black and white to color television was a significant shift in US history. Visualization (especially in color) was an important factor then as it allowed users to feel like they have a better connection to the product. Today, Westfalia’s Firefly software is having a similar impact for Warehouse Execution Systems (WES).

Savanna NET Firefly 1

A major component of the Savanna.NET® WES suite, Firefly, is a tool that allows manufacturers to visualize, operate and monitor their warehouse in real-time via a colorized 3D model. This increased exposure and control reduces the time required to identify operational issues and provides the perfect mechanism for improved fault recovery. After all, being able to recover with agility and accuracy is crucial in today’s automated world where delays and unplanned issues can be catastrophic for businesses.

We care about the “Why”

Rather than just a confusing, hard-to-parse spreadsheet of data, this unique view of your warehouse uses different colors, arrows, and 3D renderings to show movement and storage of inventory, as well as an easy-to-use fault recovery tool for when issues arise. The application allows the user to easily isolate inventory on the screen, zooming in on specific areas to view details about a selected container and/or address issues as they arise...

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