April 15 2015


By: Morgan Williams, Marketing/Graphic Design Assistant

Promat 2015 was a big event for Westfalia. In addition to showcasing how our Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) pieces each part of the warehouse together, this was the first year that we were able to feature Savanna.NET® as a full-featured software solution. Attendees were able to interact with our live demonstration which illustrated the latest version of Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System software. This software provides the functionality necessary to receive, store and track product while marrying inventory to customer orders using the solution’s integrated order fulfillment processing capabilities.

In an interview with Material Handling and Logistics Magazine’s Andy Freedman, Jon Schultz, vice president of business development, discussed the benefits of the Savanna.NET software platform. According to Jon, “Customers are interested in the total package. Most manufacturing customers have similar requirements in terms of order quantity, order fulfillment and accuracy metrics they need to meet.” Westfalia provides a tailored Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Warehouse Control System (WCS) package to meet the needs of these manufacturers so they are able to provide high quality products to their customers quickly and accurately.

Freedman and Schultz also discussed the latest trend among customers in the marketplace. Within the past year, the most significant trend involves trucking logistics issues. “Customers are asking us how we can provide more just-in-time order fulfillment and more just-in-time truck loading solutions. Due to shortage of drivers and equipment, the reliability of the trucking and logistics is not what it used to be,” said Schultz. “Providing just-in-time solutions so that the customer doesn’t need to work a day in advance in order to fulfill orders is a focus of ours.” Westfalia strives to provide just-in-time solutions so that as the customers trucking logistics models fluctuate through the week, the system is able to be programed to provide orders at the proper time to avoid any penalties in the warehouse.

Follow this link to watch the full interview: Westfalia Warehouse Management Software