June 07 2022

New System Support Team

Westfalia Technologies has announced an internal restructuring where the Field Service Controls department has transitioned into the Technology Solutions department and will now be referred to as the System Support Team. The name of the department is being changed to better reflect the mission of the team, which encompasses both customer and commissioning support resources.

To continue to serve our customers while delivering better products and support, we have decided to bring our Controls Engineering, Commissioning and Support resources together. The new department will have a centralized leadership structure that focuses on customer support and commissioning. This change is designed to improve customer satisfaction and increase efficiency.

Having dedicated resources responsible for commissioning and supporting our automated systems not only allows for better communication between the prospective teams, but it will also improve our products and help ensure that issues or feedback from the field is brought back to the engineers who can address them.

Westfalia's Vice President of Technology Solutions, Dave Williams stated, “We have always had excellent customer service [at Westfalia], but this internal restructuring allows us to dedicate more focus to this segment of the business so that we can assure it continues to grow.”

B Carroll
Bryan Carroll, System Support Manager

Bryan Carroll (left), former Controls Engineer with Westfalia, has been promoted to Systems Support Manager. In his new position, Bryan is responsible for overseeing the commissioning process and ensuring that customer issues with current systems are resolved quickly. Bryan’s extensive controls engineering, support and commissioning background position him well to lead this team and help Westfalia to continue to provide world-class support to our customers.

Bryan has a high degree of optimism with the transition stating, “Our system support technicians and engineers are excited to have more input in decisions on the product engineering side because influencing what we design makes both commissioning and supporting our systems easier. The more input we have from the field can help refine our product due to immediate feedback.”

While our customers may not experience any changes in the world-class customer service provided, Westfalia’s internal transition sets up a more efficient structure to effectively assist with any issues in the future.