July 09 2014

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Warehouse Execution Systems - are they the answer to simplifying the warehouse process?

by, Staci Cretu, Marketing Communicaitons Manager

In a recent article published in DC Velocity, James Cooke reported on the importance of an intergrated sotware solution to help both maintain warehouse inventory as well as run the automation in the facility.

As manufacturers and distributors turn to automation, an increased importance is being placed on the software applications to run operations efficiently. Typically, such operations are using both a Warehouse Management System (WMS) and a Warehouse Control System (WCS) to help move product more quickly and efficiently, reduce inventory levels and increase order fulfillment accuracy however, the WMS/WCS combination is quickly proving inefficient for some.

“In many typical warehouses, the WCS and WMS are separate applications that talk to one another. The WCS receives commands from the WMS and in turn, tells the equipment what do to.” said Dave Williams, director of software development. “In essence, the WMS manages people and the WCS manages the automation.”

According to Cooke, retailers have increased interest in WES due to the challenges faced handling direct-to-consumer fulfillment. However, this is not to say that a WES can't help simplify the processing in any warehouse. As the purpose behind an integrated software solution, such as a WES, is to help manufacturers and distributors who are challenged with increased order volumes, and high throughput needs. A WES can allow customers to use one system instead of two seperate systems typically seen in most facilities.

Would you agree?