July 28 2015

Top Websites Laptop

By: Olivia Mitchell, Marketing Coordinator

During the span of a day, you will spend hours with family, working and sleeping, but do you know how many hours are devoted to using digital media? According to a Nielsen’s Total Audience Report, about 11 hours per day are spent surfing the web, watching TV and using other forms of digital media. To help cut back on your web searching, we have compiled some of our favorite sites for warehouse automation and supply chain industry information. With these sites you will be able to acquire knowledge about, but not limited to, material handling equipment, automated storage best practices and ways to make your warehouse more efficient, ultimately saving money for your company.

Start your searching:

  • Inbound logistic
    • About: Inbound Logistics provides the latest on warehousing, logistics, transportation, supply chain management and freight. This trade publication will provide you with trends, top ten lists and relevant tools to keep you in the know-how of the supply chain industry.
    • Website: http://www.inboundlogistics.com/
  • Modern Materials Handling
    • About: Modern Material Handling has been around since 1946 and includes solutions for material handling professionals in distribution warehousing and manufacturing. This website features a variety of resources you need to make decisions regarding automating, along with an easy navigation bar to direct you to the specific solution you need for your warehouse.
    • Website: http://www.mmh.com/
  • DC Velocity
    • About: DC Velocity is a resource for logistics and supply chain manages and executives. Topics fall in all categories of logistics, including distribution centers or warehouses, freight, information technologies, strategies and much more.
    • Website: http://www.dcvelocity.com/
  • SupplyChainBrain
  • Material Handling & Logistics
    • About: Material Handling and logistics provides articles regarding handling, storing and moving of product throughout the supply chain. Learn about new products, ways to work more efficiently, and get insight from industry leaders.
    • Website: http://mhlnews.com/