September 05 2013

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Westfalia CarSafe automated parking systems

By: Staci Cretu, M.S.
Marketing and Communications Manager

According to a new report from Navigant Research, “nearly 1 million smart parking spaces will be enabled worldwide by 2020”. This research report examines the evolution of ‘smart parking technologies.’ These technologies are “increasing operational efficiency and customer expectations, and by new perspectives on the role of parking within cities,” according to Eric Woods, research director, Navigant Research.

But what are ‘smart parking technologies’? Smart parking technologies include everything from vehicle sensors, parking automation, wireless communications and data analytics tools. Smart parking technologies provide customers with certainty, certainty of parking availability, easy payment options and a safe and secure environment.

As the number of cars on the road grows, finding a parking space is becoming increasingly difficult both on street and off. In urban areas, where parking should be particularly secure and inexpensive, the search for a parking space is becoming an exhaustive and nerve-wrecking experience.

Westfalia’s CarSafe® Automated Parking Systems ease these frustrations for the consumer as well as parking management and operations through the maximization of parking space using ‘smart parking technologies.’ Through the use of an automated storage and retrieval system, something that is popular in the material handling industry, parking and retrieving the vehicle is simple, providing the user the utmost comfort and ease with uncompressing security.

The actual parking process runs automatically after the driver and passengers leave the vehicle. Once sensors have verified the entry cabin is empty of occupants, the vehicle is moved and parked via the automated parking system. All movement of vehicles within the system are controlled by Westfalia’s Savanna.NET® software. This software can even determine a customer’s parking pattern, and uses this information to move cars closer to the exit lift at the appropriate time.

Westfalia CarSafe automated parking systems

Every journey is connected with a destination, such as a workplace, shopping center, or home. Once a destination has been reached, every car needs a parking space. Utilizing ‘smart parking technology’ such as Westfalia’s CarSafe® Automated Parking Systems, operational efficiency and customer convenience can be achieved.