February 11 2016

Supply chain valentines day

By: Olivia Mitchell, Marketing Coordinator

Valentine's Day is almost here. Did you buy that special someone in your life flowers or chocolate last year? Do you plan to do it again this year? According to a study performed by the National Retail Federation, about 1.7 billion dollars was spent on candy in 2015. The average American spent around $140 on Valentine's Day alone.

Laura Poko, Global Cold Chain Alliance, writes about how important proper storage and transportation is in getting candy and chocolate to your special someone on Valentine's Day in her article, "All You Need is Love...and the Cold Chain This Valentine's Day."

Preparation for Valentine's Day begins months ahead of time with spot on logistics and vigilant cold chain management of flowers, candy and wine. Shipping such valuable commodities starts weeks ahead of the Valentine’s Day holiday celebrated by millions every year. Poko mentions a 3PL company estimates that they ship 20,000 pallets of products specifically for Valentine’s Day. According to AboutFlowers.com and StatisticsBrain.com some lovely facts about Valentine’s Day gifts:

257 million roses are grown for Valentine’s Day

180 million cards are exchanged

34.3% of consumers give flowers; 47.5% give candy

Supply chains encompass many processes that transform items into the finished goods that are delivered to you. These processes are constantly working in the background to make every holiday and event successful. This year, as you celebrate Valentine’s Day with chocolate, wine or flowers, remember all the time that went into placing those products in your hands.