August 22 2013

HERSHEY rendering web
ASRS Hershey Creamery

By: Staci Cretu, M.S.
Marketing and Communications Manager

Warehouse space is a big concern for food and beverage companies, especially small to mid-sized companies who want the latest technologies but cannot afford to increase facility size. Utilizing an Automated Storage/Retrieval System (AS/RS), companies are able to employ more of what they already have. The system allows pallets of products to be stacked higher and with narrower rows because the technology is not limited to certain paths. The system is not restrained by a determined width or height as the pallets can easily be stored and retrieved using automation that has a far broader reach than manual labor. AS/RS allows packagers to utilize space that was not in use before, storing pallets in lanes single, double or up to 18 pallets deep.

Most systems can go up to 130 feet high or as low as 20 feet high. These systems are completely customizable, using as much automation or as little as necessary for the most effective process. They are also customizable to any facility size- AS/RS can be installed in existing facilities or designed into a new facility. In the case of a new facility, utilizing AS/RS technology allows the company to be able to purchase less real estate as they no longer need as much space horizontally. Opting to use more space vertically results in a smaller roof size, reducing heat absorption and cooling needs. Also, the a utomated system allows for more products to be packaged onsite, eliminating secondary storage sites and saving on the logistics surrounding that approach.

AS/RS makes the facility stronger, even in small warehouses. The system is not about using more space, but rather using existing space smarter. Utilizing AS/RS technology can double or even triple facility stor- age space, allowing for more room for future growth.