June 10 2014

Operation Gratitude Logo
Operation Gratitude logo

By: Staci Cretu, Marketing and Communications Manager

Have you said ‘thank you’ lately? Often times a simple thank you can go a long way for those who have served our country or are currently serving. This simple thank you is carried out through many organizations such as Operation Gratitude, a non-profit dedicated to saying ‘thank you’.

During the month of June, Westfalia will be supporting Operation Gratitude’s Spring Campaign, Remembering Gratitude. Operation Gratitude is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer-based organization, committed to lifting the spirits and meeting the evolving needs of our active duty and veteran communities, and providing volunteer opportunities for all Americans to express their appreciation to our Military, Veterans and First Responders.

Like the military, this competition will foster teamwork within Westfalia’s internal departments. Commanded by the department supervisor (or sergeant), departments (or squads) will go head-to-head in a battle to see who will collect the most care items for the troops, based on average weight collected per employee,.

Westfalia squadmembers (employees) are being encouraged to collect as many items as possible from the Operation Gratitude wish list, including: hats, scarves, energy bars, healthy snacks, comic books, razors, DVDs, socks, etc. These items will be packaged and sent to the troops to assist with Operation Gratitude’s mission to lift the spirits of our active duty and veteran communities.

Westfalia squads include:

  • Sparkies
  • Omaha
  • Your Mama
  • 50 Shades of Awesomeness
  • Vicious and Delicious
  • The Resourceful Humans
  • Polka Dot Almonds
  • The Draftees
  • Black Knights
  • The A Team
  • The Slide Rulers
  • Empty Box
  • The M.P.’S

“This is just one of the many ways we can say ‘thank you’ to our troops for their service,” said Jen Caba, Human Resources. “We are hoping to gather at least 100 lbs. of items to send to Operation Gratitude for our troops.”

Operation Gratitude is one of the many programs Westfalia supports through Westfalia’s C.A.R.E.S program, an employee-run program and Westfalia’s Commitment to Assisting to Raise Awareness and Empower employee Service in the community.

Watch the competition heat up every Friday until June 27 on our Facebook and Twitter pages.