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June 24 2016

Green Business Initiative Number 1: Automation

Going green means to practice certain actions in order to benefit the environment. By implementing automation instead of operating in a conventional warehouse, you can increase safety, save money, and become more eco-friendly. Keep your business in the black by making green initiatives a goal for your business.

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April 27 2016

Modex | A Supply Chain Show With Benefits| Westfalia Inc.

Tradeshows require a lot of time and preparation; but result in huge benefits for attendees and exhibitors alike. This year, Modex encompassed all of these things as those in attendance created supply chain solutions and worked through manufacturing problems. Click here to read all about it!

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April 14 2016

Protecting Our Water

Water is essential to the food and beverage industry and for most of these companies, water is the key ingredient. In order to secure this vital ingredient, companies are jumping on board to create sustainable practices revolving around protecting water supplies now and for the future.

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