August 27 2013

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ASRS labor benefits

By: Staci Cretu, M.S.
Marketing and Communications Manager

An automated warehouse allows companies to rely less on human labor and therefore less on human error. An Automated Storage/Retrieval System (AS/RS) means less workers and more technology ensuring the job is always done on time, done right and done safely.

“Manual forklifts can be very un-safe, specifically in tight warehouses where space is a constraint. For a hi-volume distribution center, there are many forklifts working within an entire warehouse within a single dock area along with personnel walking in and around these areas. By utilizing an AS/RS, you focus the forklift traffic to only one central location, the shipping dock,” says Gary St. Pierre Jr, director of project management.

AS/RS adopts the idea of ‘bringing the product to the worker’ as opposed to the worker retrieving the product. This greatly decreases the amount of physical labor involved with these tasks, including walking, lifting and carrying heavy loads.

AS/RS lightens the load for workers as the automation handles all the transportation of product. Rather than a worker having to manually move product from one location to another within a warehouse, this is all now completed automatically,” says St. Pierre Jr. “This enables workers to now focus more of their efforts on other areas of the business for increased overall efficiency.”

In addition to easing the burden placed on workers, this process saves time and increases productivity. Human error can mean lost shipments, breakage and injury. AS/RS decrease the risk of these issues and also reduce the risk of contamination as less human hands are handling the products, especially important when handling sensitive food or beverage products.