January 29 2016

Into new year partnership

By: Olivia Mitchell, Marketing Coordinator

When going through the process of purchasing a large system for your warehouse, you want to trust the supplier and know that they are working to meet all of your business needs. At Westfalia, it is our number one goal to create a trusting partnership with our clients. The word ‘partnership’ is a key element to our culture.

When developing a partnership with a supplier, the process begins by looking at the company’s culture, which is often built from within the company at the employee level. Does the company engage in company-wide training for professional development? Do they promote direct, open and honest communication throughout the company? These two elements are important for any company, but in order to have an overall healthy culture, all six dimensions of wellness need to be worked into employees daily work life. Starting this year, Westfalia plans to continue building our company culture with the implementation of a new wellness program.

The program that will help take our wellness initiatives to the next level is Vitality. Vitality is a unique program that provides health education, goals, tools, incentives and real-time reporting for employees to drive positive behavior and improve overall wellness.

To start, employees take a Health Risk Assessment (HRA). The information collected from this assessment is then used to determine their Vitality Age™. The Vitality Age™ is based on the employee’s actual age combined with their current level of physical and mental health. This age is used in the program as an overall measurement and benchmark. Throughout the year, using the tools provided through Vitality and Westfalia’s Wellness Committee, employees have the opportunity to improve their Vitality Age™ and overall health and wellness. This yearlong wellness program encourages employees to learn about their emotional, physical, occupational, social and intellectual health, while exercising and competing in internal company competitions. Focusing on all six dimensions of wellness allows for Westfalia to keep morale high, while continuing to deliver commitments to each other. This, in turn, promotes employee cohesiveness, all working together to support our customers.

A healthy culture plus trust creates the perfect partnership where both parties are working together for the best possible solution. This year, our team is dedicated to our customers through our commitment to innovation and unsurpassed quality. Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about the partnership we have already cultivated in this short video.