June 05 2023

Promat 2023 was a whirlwind of a show this year in Chicago! With a record 51,000 attendees on the show floor, it was a great opportunity for us to network and connect with potential partners who would greatly benefit from our warehouse automation solutions. We also had the opportunity to educate attendees as one of the 150 educational seminars presented at the show.


Educational Seminar

At this year's event, our on-floor seminar titled "How to Future Proof Your Warehouse with a Robust Automated Solution" was hosted by Ryan Smith, vice president of automation, and Dave Williams, vice president of technology solutions. Key takeaways from this session included:

  • Cost justification for automation
  • The importance of a flexible software solution that integrates with automation
  • What to look for in an automation and software solution provider
  • Factors to consider when future proofing a warehouse

Cost Justification for Automation

Our automated solutions are sure to be a terrific investment to your warehouse for years to come. Through the reduction of ongoing operational costs like labor, speed to market, utilities, and materials, your investment is also seen in the cost value through:

  • Saved real estate costs due to a dramatically smaller footprint when compared to a conventional operation
  • Substantial revenue through dramatically increased capacity, taking advantage of vertical space
  • The avoidance of software obsolescence

Always keep in mind the future needs of your business when considering automation to protect your investment for the long term.


Flexible Software that Integrates with Automation

The software behind an automated system is so important that it can often determine the success or failure of a project. It is important to have individuals on your team who are able to be involved early in the process to better understand the software and machinery and to be trained by your automation provider. We also recommend picking a provider whose software solution will grow and evolve with you and your warehouse needs, providing long-term success and user-friendly interfaces.

What to look for in an automation solution provider?

It is vital to bring in your automation provider early and allow them to have a stakeholder in the process when designing the warehouse. This avoids real estate issues like not having a big enough space for your needed system and sometimes vice versa, having too much space than what is needed. Remember, your automation solution provider should serve as an extension of your company, providing guidance and support over the lifecycle of your system

Always find a provider with a data centric design strategy. Data tells a story and allows you to know exactly which parts of your operation to automate, regardless of any preconceived notions of what you thought needed to be automated. Through data driven solution designs, our warehouse automation teams are sure to create a unique and customized solution for your specific needs.

Finding a provider that is experienced with excellent aftermarket services is key to long term success. Picking a partner who remains by your side long after implementation is critically important when choosing your automation provider.

At Westfalia, our aftermarket services team provides real-time and preventative maintenance, as well as training and implementation support. They are here to deliver the knowledge needed to stay ahead of today’s challenges and provide best practices when transitioning and maintaining these automated systems. We take a preemptive approach to maintenance as well as keep a regional presence. This is valuable in reducing any significant downtime by providing 24/7 support and onsite parts inventory.

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Factors to Consider when Future Proofing a Warehouse

Aside from cost justification, a flexible software solution, and choosing the right automation solution provider there are several other factors to consider when future proofing your warehouse, including:

  • Quality of execution for system integration and startup
  • Environmental and safety benefits
  • Caliber of people and resources needed to implement your solution

Watch our seminar on-demand

If you were unable to attend ProMat 2023 to learn about future proofing your warehouse, our seminar is available on-demand via the button below. If you’re interested in discussing how automation could be the right choice to optimize your warehouse, contact us today to learn about the immense benefits that our automated solutions can deliver to your operations.

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