May 15 2015

Chartoftheday Craft Beer

By: Olivia Geyer, Marketing Coordinator

Westfalia Technologies, Inc. was lucky to be a part of this year’s BevOps Fleet Summit 2015 in Las Vegas. This summit, hosted by Beverage World magazine, offered learning opportunities for the beverage industry in warehousing, operations and fleet management.

Aaron Corcoran, account executive at Westfalia Technologies staffed our booth getting to interact with a variety of individuals from the beverage industry. Topics discussed included how automation can support ongoing growth with automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS).

In a recent article by Corcoran, he explains that craft beer and premium beer will continue to grow and with that growth, companies are searching for new ways to stay efficient and cost effective. He suggests companies can keep up with demand by implementing warehouse automation technology. The following bullets outline the five ways Corcoran states automation will benefit a growing company:

  • Maximize space utilization allowing companies to “do more with less”
  • Combat consumption patterns and seasonality spikes by better managing “slow-moving” SKUs and staying on top of popular products
  • Fulfilling orders end-to-end
  • Optimizing product handling and reducing labor to ensure safe handling of products and minimize product damage
  • Cost saving due to less energy needed, a reduction of waste and lower maintenance costs

“At a time when craft brewing is at an all-time high and the competition for distributing these value-added brands is fierce, investing in the latest warehouse automation technology is an ideal strategy for long-term success,” says Corcoran.

On May 26, 2015 Westfalia will be digging deep into this topics with a free webinar titled, “How AS/RS Can Support SKU Growth Caused by Emerging Categories in Beer, Spirits and Fine Wine.” Click here to register.

To read more from Corcoran’s article titled, “Brewing up Automation: How Craft Beer is Affecting Distributors and How AS/RS can Support Ongoing SKU Growth," click here.