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June 05 2023

How to Future Proof Your Warehouse with a Robust Automated Solution

Promat 2023 was a whirlwind of a show this year in Chicago! With a record 51,000 attendees on the show floor, it was a great opportunity for us to network and connect with potential partners who would greatly benefit from our warehouse automation solutions. We also had the opportunity to educate attendees as one of the 150 educational seminars presented at the show.

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October 24 2022

The Climate of the Cold Chain Industry

As the demand on the cold chain continues to increase and companies are searching for cold storage solutions, there are many obstacles that can stand in the way of business growth. For those reasons, manufacturers are turning to warehouse automation. Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) create a buffer between supply chain disruptions and their impact on the manufacturing industry.

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June 07 2022

Westfalia Improves on World-Class Service with Creation of System Support Team

Westfalia Technologies has announced an internal restructuring where the Field Service Controls department has transitioned into the Technology Solutions department and will now be referred to as the System Support Team. The name of the department is being changed to better reflect the mission of the team, which encompasses both customer and commissioning support resources.

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June 01 2022

Cold Storage Trend Here to Stay?

Due to the impact of the pandemic, the cold storage industry is experiencing a renaissance. While frozen foods are being purchased at a higher volume, the spike in growth may appear to be unsustainable, but the bigger picture indicates a different story.

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May 03 2022

Addressing Labor Shortage Challenges with Warehouse Automation

In the face of this ongoing labor shortage, companies are turning to warehouse automation to combat supply chain disruptions, keep their businesses running, and even get ahead of the competition. It is automated solutions, such as automated storage retrieval systems (AS/RS) that have been proven to reduce these negative impacts by improving order fulfillment processes, driving company growth and profitability, and putting the workers in safer environments.

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March 03 2022

Your Warehouse, In Color: The value of data analysis through Savanna.NET®’s Firefly

Many historians claim that the transition from black and white to color television was a significant shift in US history. Visualization (especially in color) was an important factor then as it allowed users to feel like they have a better connection to the product. Today, Westfalia’s Firefly software is having a similar impact for Warehouse Execution Systems (WES).

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