Third-Party Logistics Automated Storage Solutions

Many companies outsource their logistics functions to Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers, so as to focus on their core competencies. The 3PL provider faces unique challenges as they need to balance all requests generated by manufacturers and the distribution centers. A major concern for both the upstream entities and the 3PL provider is material flow including transportation, warehousing of the products, consolidation of products and monitoring the inventory levels.

Westfalia specifically design's solutions to meet these concerns focusing on optimizing warehouse processes and maximizing efficiencies. No matter how many SKUs you are storing in your facility, the design and engineering teams at Westfalia can customize warehouse solutions that maximize storage, optimize material flow, and reduce costs. 

Automated storage solutions for the 3PL industry include:

Third Party Logistics

Key Features & Solutions:

  • Unit-load, and layering AS/RS systems using Westfalia's Satellite® technologies 
  • Telescopic fork to reach all types of storage systems 
  • Integrated order picking technologies 
  • Solutions for low bay or high bay facilities - first load level can be as low as 20”
  • Warehouse Management System/Warehouse Control System (WMS/WCS) - Savanna.NET® ensures constant inventory transparency so that upstream and downstream production sequences can be optimized, including traceability of batches and products
  • Increase storage capacity within a limited space
  • Durable equipment built for a refrigerated or ambient environments


  • Double throughput rates
  • Improved storage and material flow
  • Optimally arrange flow of products – pallets are transported from storage to shipping via chain conveyors, transfer cars (T-cars) and turntables.
  • Reduce redundancy rates – ensuring availability of each pallet position
  • Have up-to-the-minute information on orders, product data, as well as information on products received and or shipped 
  • Manual labor is reduced to a minimum and the logistic processes are controllable and traceable 24/7
  • Product safety check and quality control
  • Maximize available storage space, leaving additional capacity to handle new customers
“The reduction in personnel costs and time savings, which is a direct result from the reduction in manual labor, also contributed to the rapid return on investment” Alex Kloosterboer, Managing Director, Kloosterboer

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