Third-Party Logistics Solutions

To focus on their core competencies, successful companies outsource their logistics functions to third-party logistics (3PL) providers. These providers work as a go-between, handling the unique demands of both manufacturers and distribution centers along the supply and demand chain. A 3PL company is more than simply a partner in the supply and demand chain. It is a functioning conduit that supports success, profitability and innovative problem-solving within the warehouse.

A Smoother Material Flow

Material flow is of particular importance to 3PL providers and their up-chain partners. Coordinating transportation, warehousing, product consolidation and inventory levels is crucial to efficient operation. An automated storage/retrieval system (AS/RS) assists and optimizes all of these touchpoints, offering transparency and a top-down view to decision makers along the supply chain. Less uncertainty means fewer delays, and the most valuable resource of all — time — can be allocated more efficiently in the warehouse and beyond.

Unlock Your Warehousing Potential

At Westfalia Technologies, we design solutions to meet these concerns head-on — optimizing processes and maximizing efficiency through smart, customizable applications and equipment. Regardless of SKU volume, warehouse space or material flow needs, our experienced third-party logistics and warehousing services team will custom-craft a solution; we will help you reduce cost and make the most out of your facility and your warehouse staff. We believe that inside every company is an industry leader waiting to emerge. We're ready to help your brand become even more well-known and respected in your market.

Savanna.NET® for Expert Guidance

Westfalia Technologies uses our own Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System for accuracy, automation and expediency warehouse-wide. Today's business needs are too complex to reliably navigate without a well-built, adaptive program supporting your workflow structure. With that in mind, Savanna.NET® is the fastest way to navigate those challenges in your fulfillment centers. Optimize order picking and material flow with the click of a button, and discover the hidden potential stocked alongside product in every warehouse rack. If you want to eliminate wasted time and effort in your operations, Savanna.NET® is the answer you’ve been seeking.

Automated storage solutions for the 3PL industry include:

Third Party Logistics

Key Features & Solutions:

  • Layered AS/RS using Westfalia Satellite® technology
  • Telescopic fork models that integrate into a wide range of storage systems
  • Integrated order picking technologies 
  • Solutions for both high-bay and low-bay facilities, with first load levels as low as 20”
  • Increased storage capacity for limited-space warehousing
  • Durable equipment built for both refrigerated and ambient environments


  • Doubled throughput rates within your warehouse
  • Optimized storage/product flow; pallet transportation via chain conveyors, transfer cars ("T-cars") and turntables
  • Reduced redundancy rates; systems automatically confirm pallet position availability
  • Transparency through live order information, product data and shipping feeds
  • Minimized manual labor through 24/7 controlled, traceable logistic processes
  • Increased oversight for product safety and QC
  • Maximized available storage space, opening additional capacity for products and customers
“The reduction in personnel costs and time savings, which is a direct result from the reduction in manual labor, also contributed to the rapid return on investment” Alex Kloosterboer, Managing Director, Kloosterboer

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