Savanna.NET® is the most

Flexible & User-Friendly Software Solution

Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System (WES) is a customizable warehousing solution comprised of tightly integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Warehouse Control System (WCS) functionality.

The Savanna.NET® two-in-one methodology simplifies the communication and controls associated with warehouse operations - conventional or automated. Our user-interface (UI) is more than a simple visualization, it's a flexible and user-friendly solution that integrates and directs all human and robotic operations. Savanna.NET's ever-growing component library provides maximum flexibility to meet the specific needs of your warehouse operations.

Modular & Scalable

What sets Savanna.NET® apart?

Savanna.NET® provides a single-source, multi-platform application suite engineered to efficiently manage automation across various industry segments. Our WES software is designed to grow with your business, providing a solution that meets the needs of companies of all sizes.

Industry Leading

Fault Recovery and Visualization Tool

Providing a 3D representation of your warehouse, Westfalia'a Savanna.NET® Firefly tool allows you to monitor and manage operations with real-time insights via an industry-leading interface.

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Key Features of

Westfalia's Savanna.NET® Automation Software

  • Savanna.NET® offers real-time views of inventory, order fulfillment processing, labor management reporting, and many other critical components that support efficient warehouse operations. Savanna.NET® is flexible enough to control many types of warehouses whether conventional or automated and is the core software used within Westfalia's Automated Warehousing and Automated Parking Systems.

  • Savanna.NET® WES provides an intuitive and flexible interface to help simplify the overall operation of your warehouse. The use of a single system creates consistency, provides real time information for inventory control and process management and lessens the time needed to learn the system.

  • The Westfalia development team strives to continually improve our solutions, keeping pace with the ever-changing technology and business needs of our industry. Savanna.NET is a cross-platform application suite designed to support the latest advancements in software and hardware to keep your systems from going legacy.

  • Savanna.NET® WES gives companies the flexibility to interface with people, applications such as corporate ERPs and MESs, and various automated equipment. It is integrated easily and seamlessly with existing networks and host-based systems ensuring smooth, uninterrupted operations. The Savanna.NET architecture is built to scale with the complexities of your business and integrate technology with business logic to efficiently operate all areas of your warehouse at once. Savanna.NET is designed to handle the parallel processing of large and complex automated systems.

We're confident

Savanna.NET Will Integrate with YOUR System

Using industry standard messaging protocols, such as XML or JSON, Savanna.NET® can seamlessly exchange information with any system on the market! Message payloads can be exchanged with systems using standard transport mechanisms such as web services, TCP/IP, message queues, database tables, flat file formats, etc.

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