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Layer and Case Picking Automation

In today's competitive landscape, optimizing warehouse efficiency and accuracy is essential for success. Layer and case picking automation solutions offer a game-changing approach. Discover how layer and case picking automation can streamline your operations, reduce errors, and supercharge your warehouse performance.

Automated order selection systems offer several benefits, including increased speed and accuracy, reduced labor costs, and improved inventory management. These systems can also help warehouses to better manage their space utilization, reduce errors, and optimize their picking routes, leading to a more streamlined and efficient supply chain.


    Benefits of a Westfalia Integrated Picking Solution

    Integrating a Westfalia AS/RS with our case and layer picking solutions creates a replenishment process that is consistent and reliable without human involvement.

    Westfalia's automated order selection systems can process a near-limitless variety of products and fulfill orders in practically any sequence. Automation can be designed to reliably work with a wide range of products, including frozen food. Additional benefits include:

    • Automated replenishment
    • Increased efficiency
    • High- and low-movers can be handled with less labor
    • Auto-palletizing capabilities
    • More reliable stacks
    • Simple and proven designs
    • Increased worker safety

    About 30% of our business was layer pick and another at least 30% was full pallet. Combining the AS/RS and layer pick system to work closely and feed each other really helped the solution work for Sargento.

    Sargento Foods

    reduce picking time by up to 70% with

    Automated Layer Picking

    Automated layer picking systems use a variety of technologies, including S/RMs, robots and conveying solutions to quickly fulfill order demands. This method is extremely efficient for many full layer/less than full pallet fulfillment operations.

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    An automated layer pick process is capable of efficiently picking and combining products from various sources into shippable "rainbow" pallets to fulfill customer order demands. This provides tremendous efficiency gains within the order fulfillment processes, regardless of whether the need is to move 1 layer or multiple layers of product.

    Increase your productivity by up to 400% with automated case picking

    Material Handling Institute

    Achieve an average accuracy rate of 99.9% with

    Automated Loose Case Picking

    Automated case picking involves selecting individual cases of product to fill an order, typically using a combination of conveyor systems, AS/RS and robotics. This method is ideal for warehouses with a high number of SKUs and more complex order demands.

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    A distribution center using automated case picking, rather than manual picking and packing, has higher throughput, as well as higher pick accuracy and greater pallet stability. Although automated fulfillment systems tend to be a significant investment, they pay off not only in the form of reduced labor costs, but also in increased efficiency, fewer mistakes filling orders, and reduced product damage during transportation. Automated case picking creates stable mixed pallets that are loaded as close to the weight limit as possible.

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