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With our experience in automated storage and material handling solutions, we used the same proven technology to re-imagine automated parking systems, providing innovative, space-efficient, reliable solutions that can add significant value to a real estate project.

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Automated Parking Solutions

As urban populations rise, finding parking solutions has become a challenge for residents, property owners and developers alike. Westfalia's automated parking systems (APS) maximize available space and eliminate the need for many of the space-wasting features of conventional parking.

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Automated parking is very important. We've done it once before and we found that is the amenity that our buyers appreciate the most.

Tom Scannapieco | Owner

Scannapieco Development Corporation - 500 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

500 Walnut Street

Automated Parking Testimonial

increase capacity and

Experience Automated Parking with Westfalia

Westfalia's automated parking systems create an elegant solution to the issues urban planners face. An APS can store vehicles while preserving curb appeal and aesthetics, reducing environmental impacts, and improving public safety.

Benefits of Westfalia Automated Parking:

  • Use up to 60% less space to park vehicles, allowing for increased ROI
  • Consistently high availability ratings averaging over 99.7%
  • Decreased emissions by up to 80%
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Elimination of crimes committed in conventional parking facilities like theft, vandalism, and even violent crimes
  • Lower construction costs through reduced excavation and shorter construction timelines

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