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Our Aftermarket team works closely with each of our customers to provide proactive and reactive system support in order to minimize unplanned maintenance events and ensure the longevity of your automated equipment.

Safety and operational efficiencies of an automated storage/retrieval system (AS/RS) are fueled by proactive efforts. As a result of the right blend of preventative measures and training, an AS/RS will continue to run well into the future just as smoothly as it did at first installation.

Although your AS/RS can generate significant returns, proper service and maintenance further maximize this investment and can lead to a system lifespan of 25+ years - lowering the total cost of ownership and providing long-term operational efficiencies.

Westfalia offers comprehensive Aftermarket services including a 24/7 support hotline, preventive maintenance programs, inspection packages, spare parts support and numerous options for scheduling planned maintenance. Services also include modifications and modernizations of existing systems to further extend and expand the value of the original investment.

Our decentralized, customer focused Aftermarket approach requires use of established standards to ensure consistent quality and efficiency throughout. Westfalia is proud to maintain a dedicated Knowledge Management system that captures and validates our methods, providing our technicians with formal training programs and rolling out proven best practices.

In-house Trained Technicians to

Keep your systems running and your business moving

Westfalia's automation service technicians play a critical role in ensuring that your automated system operates effectively and efficiently, helping to improve productivity and reduce downtime. The Westfalia team works closely with your operations and maintenance teams to identify the best opportunities for your proactive inspections and maintenance needs.

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