Integrating an automated storage/retrieval system (AS/RS) with manual warehouse picking processes drastically simplifies the picking process to improve order fulfillment. An AS/RS brings the product to the workers, significantly reducing travel time between pick locations. An AS/RS brings the products close to the shelves with high velocity, while the storage and retrieval machine (S/RM) assures that the picker always has product available in the right position. There is no redundant or repetitive manual material handling, and the probability of human error is minimized.

Integrated pick to belt at Breakthru Beverage

Voice Picking System

The pick-by-voice system is ideal for operations where there is a large number of SKUs spread across a wide area. Using speech recognition and synthesis, pick-by-voice transmits voice instructions to a picker through speech data terminal (SDT) headsets, instructing the operator which item to pick. Once the item is successfully picked, the operator provides voice instructions that are directly transmitted to the order management system, typically a warehouse management system (WMS) or ERP system. This frees up the operator's hands to focus on retrieving the required stock items with increased accuracy and flexibility. 

  • Hands-free - operators wear speech data terminals (SDT) headset 
  • Eliminates manual keying of data and scanning of stock locations
  • The speech control unit (SCU), a Windows server, connects to the WMS to exchange information. The SCU then gives individual instructions to the SDTs via wireless Ethernet 
  • Increased safety to workers thanks to uninterrupted view and hands-free order picking process  

Pick-To-Light System

Pick-to-light warehouse systems are most commonly used in operations where there are a low number of SKUs with high volumes. Using light displays, this system directs warehouse operators to specific locations, where each location has an individual numeric or alphanumeric light display. This light display instructs operators which products to pick and the quantity of each.  

  • Fastest hands-free, operator-based picking available to efficiently handle stock being picked
  • High accuracy and pick rate
  • Seamlessly integrates into both new and existing storage systems 
  • Designed for wash-down environments 
  • Freezer rated for -30 F operation 
  • Ideal for zone picking strategies

Pick-By-Label System

Pick-by-label is a manual picking strategy whereby operators uses a series of labels for their pick list attaching a label to each item picked with any unused labels being returned to check for discrepancies. 

  • Best used for full case orders of moderate or small sizes
  • Low equipment and labor costs
  • High accuracy due to label pick
  • No order staging or packing costs 

Radio Frequency - RF Picking System 

The Radio Frequency Mobile Picking method can be used in all types of operations. This picking method is a paperless picking strategy using handheld RF scanners and mobile devices for the order fulfillment of large quantities of different products and volume where pick-to-light is not justified.

  • Uses RF units including barcode scanners and small terminals which are either portable or attached to a forklift 
  • Used for receiving, put-away, replenishment and picking 
  • Used for single or batch order picking 
  • Compatible with most standard PC wireless networks 

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