The safe, dependable, and fast movement of pallets

Westfalia Satellite® technology is a fully automated rack entry vehicle used in our AS/RS to store and retrieve pallet and palletless loads.

This exclusive automated racking system can handle various pallet types including custom sizes, with the ability to store pallets with either the long or short side leading. The Satellite® can accommodate a standard weight capacity of 4,400 lbs. and is distributed evenly over 20 wheels to eliminate cantilevered load moments. Using a counter rotation principle, Westfalia's Satellite® quickly and safely moves pallets at a rate of 30 to 120 pallets per hour per storage/retrieval machine (S/RM) with gentle starts and stops.

Utilizing this Satellite® warehouse pallet racking system technology to store and retrieve pallets in a high-density, multiple deep system configuration can significantly increase the capacity of existing storage space. 

Westfalia Satellite® pallet handling technology

Satellite® Racking System Advantages:

Westfalia's Satellite® technology transports loads in a variety of sizes and shapes including pallet and palletless unit loads. Westfalia's Satellite® technology provides precision placement and retrieval of pallets within the racking structure, with constant spacing  

  • Handles various pallet types such as standard GMA, CHEP, 9-block or other custom pallets 
  • Allows multiple length rolls to be stored in same storage lane to optimize space utilization
  • Stores pallets with either long or short side leading 
  • Can be lengthened or shortened to accommodate non-standard unit loads 
  • Can provide double or triple pallet support depending on pallet weight
  • Rapid storage and retrieval of pallets in a single, double or multiple deep rack structure
  • Implementation as a single deep or double deep warehouse, depending on range of SKUs and throughput rates 
  • Order picking can be easily integrated 
  • Able to be designed for different aisle heights and widths
  • Vertical lift variants: 
    • For rolls – rounded profile to engage round part of roll 
    • For pallets – stainless top raises pallet off support rails 

Satellite® System Configuration Capability

Westfalia's Satellite® racking technology is capable of storing pallets in lanes ranging from 1-deep to 12-deep on each side of the S/RM aisle. The Satellite’s design offers many benefits over and above telescoping shuttle designs. Telescoping shuttles are subject to deflection due to the cantilevered design. This cantilever imparts high loads to the S/RM and the telescoping shuttle which leads to greater “wear and tear” and ultimately higher maintenance.

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