Westfalia's Automated Self Storage Systems

Westfalia’s Automated Self Storage Systems provide convenient, high-density storage with maximum security for everyday valuables.  These ultra-secure storage systems are monitored 24/7/365 with no human access required, providing the customer ease-of-mind when storing their treasures. Using an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS), the tenant's storage module is delivered quickly and quietly to the loading area without requiring entrance to the building.  Tenants can even call ahead to have their module ready and waiting for them when they arrive to the facility.

Westfalia’s in-house team of engineers customize each system to fit any building’s shape; size and layout ensuring all fire and building codes are met. Westfalia’s Warehouse Management System/Warehouse Control System (WMS/WCS), Savanna.NET®, controls the functionality of the automated system. The WMS client is a user-friendly application providing individual container tracking, reporting of all module movements, and also ties directly into the billing system.

Westfalia Automated Self Storage System S/RM

Ultra-secure automated storage for valuables

Advantages of Westfalia’s Automated Self Storage Systems:

  • Lowers overall operating costs up to 50% by reducing labor requirements, overall building footprint, parking requirements and power consumption
  • Increases the net leasable area up to 25%
  • Eliminates discounting because every space is now a prime storage location
  • Floor Area Ration (FAR) calculated as only one floor
  • Ultra-safe, secure and user-friendly with 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Prompt delivery of storage container directly to the customer at loading area
  • Customers have convenient 24/7/365 access using a custom PIN
  • Each storage module can store up to 16,000 lbs. including vehicles
  • All systems are climate controlled to reduce dust and pollutants
  • Perfect for urban infill and mixed use projects

Westfalia’s Automated Self Storage Systems consists of:

  • Storage and Retrieval Machine (S/RM) - quickly, smoothly and quietly moving storage modules in and out of the system with our Satellite® rack entry vehicle technology 
  • Standardized storage modules - 10’ x 20’ maximum module which can be subdivided into standard industry sizes (examples:  5’ x 5’; 5’ x 10’; 5’ x 15’; 10’ x 10’; 10’ x 15’; and 10’ x 20’) 
  • Racks for module storage - 2 to 15 levels high, meeting all fire and building codes 
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) - Westfalia’s warehouse management software, Savanna.NET® controls, manages and records all module movements within the facility 
  • Turntable(s) - provides the ability to turn containers, if needed, to face appropriate loading area 
  • Inside security doors – limits human access, maintains facility pressurization, and keeps valuables safe 

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