Proper maintenance extends the life of your system.

Westfalia is committed to the quality and reliability of all of our products.

Although your automated storage and retrieval system can generate ROI in about five years, proper service and maintenance further maximize this investment and can lead to a system lifespan of 25+ years, thus lowering the total cost of ownership and providing long-term operational efficiencies. 

Preventative service and maintenance is a key ingredient to keeping your system in pristine condition as when it was first installed. Westfalia offers full service programs including a 24/7 hotline, preventative maintenance programs, inspection packages, individual spare parts management and numerous options for scheduling plant maintenance. Customers receive discounted hourly rates if they are under a service contract for preventative maintenance inspections (PMI) and service support agreements (SSA). These customers also receive priority in the event of multiple customer emergencies. Westfalia provides in-house certified service technicians for every service option.

General summary of maintenance options for your AS/RS system:

  • General inspection of brakes and speed monitoring system
  • Chain lubrication and alignment
  • S/RM and Satellite® chain tensioning
  • Visual inspection of bolted connections
  • Inspection of all S/RM control components
  • General inspection on horizontal, vertical and Satellite® drive system
  • Inspection of major wear items for all S/RM systems
  • Inspection of all S/RM aisle hardware

Safety and operational efficiencies of an AS/RS is fueled by proactive, rather than reactive, efforts. As a result of the right blend of preventative measures and training, an AS/RS will continue to run well into the future just as smoothly as it did at first installation.

Together we will keep your systems running and your business moving.

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