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Demand on the food industry continues to rise and ever-changing product diversity has highlighted the need for companies to invest in efficient and flexible storage solutions.

To keep up with demand, food manufacturers are turning to automation.

Flexible and customized

Automation Solutions for the Food Industry

Westfalia's automated warehouse solutions provide many long-term advantages to overall warehouse operations – from reducing costs and increasing inventory accuracies, to boosting productivity and optimizing material flow.

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Current challenges starving food manufacturers and distributors...

  • The labor shortage & undesirable working environments

  • Quality control & strict regulations

  • Need for reliable refrigeration & energy savings

  • Rapid SKU growth

  • Inventory visibility & short product lifecycle


Select Westfalia Food Industry Customers

Tillamook County Creamery

Tillamook's AS/RS has been in operation since 2000. In 2007, with their $23 million expansion, it...

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Gehl Foods, Inc.

The AS/RS and WMS nearly tripled Gehl’s storage space and provides significant operational...

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Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.

Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc® was struggling with space constraints in their warehouse,...

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Sargento Foods

As demand continued to increase, warehouse space became scarce and the company began searching...

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Since the installation of the AS/RS, we have been able to complete full pallet orders with greater efficiency than ever before with fewer physical demands on our warehouse staff. Based on the safety and efficiency gains achieved, we are considering similar systems for our other bakery.

Tony Martin | Vice President

Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.

Automation for

Temperature controlled food storage warehouses

The challenges of operating a warehouse are amplified when working within a refrigerated or frozen environment. An AS/RS is designed to operate without restrictions or downtime in temperatures as low as -40°F while improving energy efficiency.

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Benefits of

Food Warehousing Automation

The high-speed nature of an automated storage/retrieval system (AS/RS) increases the speed that products are moved in and out of a warehouse, preventing spoilage. Our automated food warehousing systems and solutions ensure brand reputation and provide many long-term advantages to overall operations.

We believe that our automation technology is the primary solution to meet these challenges head-on.

Manufacturers and distributors see a high volume of products move through their warehouses, and we offer sensible solutions to:

  • Combine full pallet, layer and case picking depending on your needs
  • Reduce costs and increase inventory accuracy
  • Improve delivery times
  • Facilitate quick truck turns at the loading dock
  • Optimize material flow
  • High-volume FIFO/LIFO rotation
  • Promote workplace safety keeping employees out of the deep freeze environment
  • Operate 24/7 to mitigate labor shortages and downtime


Sargento Foods AS/RS Customer Testimonial

Westfalia is a

Full-service automation provider for...

  • Our automated solution provides a refrigerated, shelf-stable environment for the dairy industry.

  • With automation, bakeries can meet consumer demands, ensure product consistency, enhance food safety, and adapt to market dynamics while improving workplace safety and achieving long-term cost efficiencies.

  • Product freshness and quality is critical in the meat and poultry industry. Our automated solutions can provide the right environment throughout the warehousing and distribution process.

  • Maximize product quality with conveying systems and temperature control using an AS/RS.

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