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Today's consumer has become more knowledgeable and selective about their drink choices, forcing manufacturers to continuously introduce new brands and flavors. As the beverage industry continues to grow and generate more SKUs, manufacturers and distributors are struggling to find the necessary space for storing these products.

To meet the growing demand of consumers and remain competitive in the marketplace, beverage manufacturers and distributors are turning to automation.

Flexible and customized

Automated Solutions for the Beverage Industry

Westfalia's automated warehouse solutions allow for better management of SKUs in a warehouse. The ability to accommodate both fast- and slow-moving SKUs can be built into an automation design while reducing labor and double handling of pallets.

Let automation help!

Current challenges dehydrating beverage manufacturers and distributors...

  • Exploding SKU proliferation

  • Space Constraints

  • With innovative designs utilizing features like triple rail support, a Westfalia S/RM can handles all pallet types directly on the equipment, regardless of pallet differentiations from brand to brand.

  • Accommodating slow moving SKUs


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At any given time we have 4 to 5 million cases of beer stored throughout our five facilities. Not only does the [automation] help with hiring and staffing, but it's extremely difficult and costly to expand in the New York real estate market. Westfalia's AS/RS will significantly improve our storage density.

Michael McCarthy | Senior Vice President of Operations

Manhattan Beer

Benefits of

Beverage Warehouse Automation

By integrating a Warehouse Execution System (WES) with the AS/RS, organizations have total control over their inventory, whether it is a slow-moving beverage for the winter months, or a drink that is popular all year round. Therefore, without having to worry about inventory and maximizing space, manufacturers and distributors can focus on more critical areas, like fulfilling orders.

  • AS/RS lightens the load for workers as the automation handles all the transportation of product
  • Better SKU management due to consumption patterns and seasonality spikes
  • Improve inventory accuracy resulting in faster response times
  • Increase in throughput using less space
  • Labor and energy savings to lower operating costs
  • Increase productivity by linking a warehouse directly to production
  • Product safety check and quality control
  • Maximize available storage space, leaving additional capacity to handle more SKUs


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