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Every company has different business models and play many different roles in the supply chain. At Westfalia Technologies, we specialize in providing innovative automation solutions for real world scenarios.

Our solutions are designed to help our customers save space, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve accuracy while addressing common storage challenges.

Our Expertise &

Core Competencies

While there are many different industries that face similar challenges that ultimately drive the need for automation, our 30+ years of experience delivering high-density storage solutions has allowed us to specialize in the following industry sectors:

Food Manufacturing

Ambient & Temperature Controlled Food Stora...

Beverage Manufacturing & Distribution

Wine & Spirits, Beer, Bottled Beverages

3PL Storage

Freezer & Temperature Controlled Warehouses...

Real Estate

Automated Parking & Self-Storage solutions...

Whether expanding an existing location, opening a new facility, adding more SKUs, diversifying your portfolio, or other major shifts in operations, all companies face the same challenge; implementing physical and operational changes without affecting the customer.

Westfalia’s warehouse automation solutions are unique and can be designed for raw material and components, work-in-process (WIP), finished goods as well as distribution centers in a variety of temperature ranges from -40°F to 95°F.


Warehouse Automation Solutions

Specializing in high density warehouse automation for manufacturers & regional distributors storing product on a pallet, Westfalia is one of the very few warehouse automation companies that provides the ability to store a maximum depth of 18 pallets per lane.

Do you store product on a pallet? We provide

Expertly designed solutions for various industry sectors, including:

  • In the food and beverage industry, accurate inventory control and food safety are crucial. With Westfalia's automation solutions, food and beverage companies can address the following challenges:

    • Maximize storage density and reduce operating costs with our AS/RS solutions that optimize space utilization in cold storage environments.
    • Increase throughput and improve accuracy with automated order selection solutions that can handle a high volume of orders, reducing the potential for errors.
    • Minimize the risk of contamination and ensure food safety by tracking and tracing inventory with our state-of-the-art Warehouse Execution System, Savanna.NET®.

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  • As a 3PL provider, your customers rely on you for accuracy and efficiency. With Westfalia's automation solutions, 3PL providers can address the following challenges:

    • Improve accuracy and throughput with automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), robotic picking solutions, and automated conveyor systems that can handle a high volume of orders, reducing the potential for errors.
    • Maximize storage density and reduce operating costs with our automated solutions that optimize space utilization, allowing you to store more products in less space.
    • Improve order fulfillment speed and accuracy by utilizing our warehouse execution system (WES) that integrates with automation solutions to streamline order processing and inventory control.

    >> Learn more about 3PL Solutions

  • The pharmaceutical industry has strict regulations around inventory control and tracking, making automation a valuable tool for maintaining compliance. With Westfalia's automation solutions, pharmaceutical companies can address the following challenges:

    • Ensure compliance with regulations by implementing automated inventory management and tracking systems with Savanna.NET® WES.
    • Reduce the risk of errors and improve throughput with our AS/RS, automated conveyor systems, and robotic picking solutions that can handle a wide range of products and packaging types.
    • Maximize storage density and reduce operating costs with our automated solutions that optimize space utilization in temperature-controlled environments.
  • Other industry solutions

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