A well designed automated self-storage system is the new era for the self-storage industry.  Because we customize every system to meet your needs, we aren’t married to any one type of system.  This gives us the flexibility to analyze your unique business needs to design a solution that is tailored specifically to your self-storage requirements.

Self Storage Systems

Key Features & Solutions:

  • Customized automated system fits multiple building shapes, sizes and layouts
  • Can handle modules up to six deep in a lane
  • Conveyors can rotate modules 180 degrees, as needed
  • Storage/Retrieval Machine to handle a maximum load of 16,000 lbs.
  • Fully integrated systems - manages and tracks all the modules movements throughout the system.
  • Integrated into virtually every construction and renovation project – above or below ground
  • CAR-SAFE® systems provide the same number of parking spaces in less building space than conventional garages
  • System control software – Savanna.NET®


  • Quickly and quietly delivers the storage container to the customer at drive-up loading areas.
  • Maximize user convenience.
  • 30% reduction in water use. Optimal energy performance. Reduced power consumption. Up to 80% reduction of air pollutants within the garage.
  • Product safety check/quality control
  • Maximize available storage space, leaving additional capacity to handle new customers.

Self Storage Systems Customers:

“We were looking for an innovative, open-minded company with a proven track record” Paul Talley, Vice President, Automated Self Storage Systems

Recent Self Storage Systems Case Studies:

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