Savanna.NET® - modular WMS-WCS software

Westfalia’s Savanna.NET® is a unique warehousing solution comprised of a tightly integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Warehouse Control System (WCS) software that conforms to your business processes.

Based on Microsoft C#.NET technology, Savanna.NET® directs, controls and optimizes internal material flow and order picking as a system-wide software solution. Savanna.NET® offers a broad spectrum of interfaces to various ERP systems, web interfaces and PLC systems.

This software solution optimizes, manages and controls your supply chain, saving time and money yet provides you with the flexibility to select the functions needed for your specific application. 

Westfalia Savanna.NET® WMS

Savanna.NET® WMS-WCS grows with your business

Savanna.NET® grows dynamically with your company while simplifying communication and controls.  Savanna.NET®‘s WMS-WCS client is a user-friendly application providing a flexible, yet logical, user interface capable of inventory management, order management, and billing management.  This two-in-one method utilizes one single system to perform the tasks of both a WMS and WCS eliminating the need for a WMS-WCS interface.  Savanna.NET® can also interface to virtually any host system including SAP and Oracle.  

Savanna.NET® WMS-WCS manages all items/SKUs and lots within the system with storage and retrieval characteristics being configured to the clients' unique storage patterns.  This integrated solution supports the management of multiple pallet types and dimensions, tracking individual pallet inventory.  This WMS-WCS solution enables companies of all sizes to select only the modules needed to handle specific warehousing processes.

For companies considering automating their warehouses in the future, Westfalia’s key advantage is knowing how to implement and service automation, in steps or all at once.

Savanna.NET® WMS-WCS advantage:

  • Optimizes material flows providing more efficient use of warehouse space and equipment
  • Easy-to-use, tab style interface provides real-time information
  • Increases order accuracy resulting in improved customer service
  • Reduces losses from stolen, damaged or misrouted products
  • Increases throughput and labor productivity
  • Can be integrated seamlessly with existing networks - Windows 7 & Microsoft Gold Certified partner with ISV/Software Solutions

While Savanna.NET® can handle a full range of inventory management functions, the depth and breadth of each Westfalia WMS-WCS is based on a clients specific requirements which includes optimizing paths throughout the system—from when goods enter the warehouse all the way through to when they are shipped. 

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