Paper & Publishing Automated Storage Solutions

The paper and publishing industry is an ideal candidate for high-density, multiple deep storage due to the quantity of similar newsprint rolls and Free Standing Inserts (FSI's) generally stored. Most operations are storing newsprint 4 or 5 stacks high and floor stored in multiple deep floor lane locations making this industry an ideal candidate for Westfalia's automated storage solutions.

Westfalia has logistical systems designed specifically for the paper and publishing industry for both rolls and formatted paper stock.  Westfalia specializes in optimizing warehouse processes and maximizing efficiencies and savings. 

Automated Warehouse Solutions for the Paper and Publishing Industry:

Paper & Publishing

Key Features & Solutions:

  • Automatic paper loading conveyor system 
  • Automatic high-density, compact storage of horizontal or vertical paper rolls with Westfalia's Satellite® rack entry vehicle
  • Automatic single-deep/single-space telescopic fork technology for same-day use newsprint stock which can be delivered to a rotary press 
  • Automatic in-feed to the roll exchanger 
  • Roll Handling Shuttle Car is designed to smoothly transfer rolls automatically to the line of presses, handling rolls of various width’s placed on highly polished stainless steel plates via a telescopic fork
  • Accommodates many types of pallets, plastic USPS, 9-block and wooden internal pallets without the need for slave pallets
  • Automated lay-down roll handling system can be included


  • Efficiency is increased 
  • More storage in less space equates to reduced building construction costs, lower sustainable operating costs (lower energy, labor, product waste costs) and increased accuracy
  • Throughput rates are increased while storage is maximized
  • Multiple Storage/Retrieval Machines (S/RMs) can cut the travel distance of the cranes in half
  • Can temporarily store newsprint rolls in advance of on-demand automatic delivery and loading
  • Smoother process flow of non-contacting pallets accumulating to the post press area.  This affords the necessary buffer for smoothing peak operations, as well as ample load staging to get ahead of FSI and newsprint demand profiles.
“The new high density storage system will enable us to streamline and expedite production by making our work-in-process more readily accessible.” Tom Quadracci, President and CEO, QuadGraphics

Paper & Publishing Customers:

Paper & Publishing Case Studies:

Maple Vail

Maple Vail

Maple-Vail is a 100-year old complete book manufacturer based in Pennsylvania. They operate two manufacturing and two distribution facilities that total more than 350,000 square feet and handles more than 30 million books and book related products with distribution centers throughout the United States.

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Quad Graphics

Quad Graphics

Westfalia Technologies recently completed the installation of a High Density Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) for Quad Graphics Inc. at the company’s Sussex, Wisconsin plant. Quad Graphics is the nation’s third largest commercial printing company.

This is the second Quad Graphics plant to install a Westfalia AS/RS. The emphasis on efficiency gains through automation began in 2005, when Quad Graphics installed a Westfalia High Density AS...

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