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3-Strand Chain Conveyors

Designed to transport pallets with bottom board’s perpendicular to the direction of transport providing a smoother transport than roller conveyors

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Air-Chain Accumulation Conveyor

The Westfalia Air-Chain Accumulation Conveyor is the perfect solution for conveying applications requiring economical, controlled, non-contacting pallet accumulation and transport. A center-mounted transport chain eliminates pallet drift.

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Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) Conveyor

Westfalia’s CDLR transports almost any pallet type and size. This roller conveyor has a continuous drive chain with rollers driven by sprockets.

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Gravity Flow

Westfalia’s ability to link 100% of reserve storage to the individual selection face reduces double handling often found in classic Single-deep and Double-deep systems. This directly reduces your labor costs, which gives you the ability to pass the savings on to your customers.

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Entry point into the AS/RS. A forklift truck can drop the load at the infeed points and the AS/RS will take control over the load movement. Typically there is an identification procedure of the load for inventory and tracking purposes.

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Pick Tunnel

Pick tunnels provide greater storage density for high volume picking.

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Profile Check

If the load does not fulfill the envelope specifications of the AS/RS (height and/or width) the load will be rejected. The operator can accommodate the load and retry the load infeed again. A well designed system should minimize the percentage of rejections, however a profile check should always be included to cover all the scenarios and protect the material handling equipment.

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Safety Fence

The safety fence provides added safety protection.

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Safety Pole

The safety pole provides added safety protection.

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Storage Retrieval Machine (S/RM)

The Storage / Retrieval Machine (S/RM) is designed to cover large horizontal and vertical distances in a storage system. Westfalia S/RM’s are able to have precise positioning of the horizontal and vertical axis through laser and final positioning.

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Transfer Car (T-Car)

Westfalia’s T-Car is an economical option for multiple conveyor lines, eliminating multiple Right Angle Transfer (RAT) Conveyors and conveyor lines. T-Car’s allows for pallet pick-up and set-down using various continuous conveyors.

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These circular design turntables provides rotation for pallet transfers in any direction with flexible turning up to 180 degree while keeping pallet orientation relative to direction of travel.

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