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The standard de-palletizer infeed has 3 pallet zones, each with no-load lifters keeping pallets separated with no accumulation pressure. When a pallet is released into the depalletizing zone, the pallet load is raised approximately 2 inches and the 9-stack group is clamped. The clamping unit is air powered, while the lifter unit is electric. The lifter then lowers the empty pallet and the chain pusher transfers the MT pallet into an adjacent pallet stacker. With the pallet removed, a lifter rises, capturing the 9-stack group and lowering stacks onto a 6-strand chain conveyor. Each slug of 3-stacks is carried by one pair of chains that travel through a 90 curve separating the stacks for single file release at downstream 3-1 merge point. From the 3-1 merge point, stacks travel single file into the de-stacker system.

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