Briefing: Palletizing System for Martin Limestone

Westfalia installed a Kuka Palletizing System for Martin Limestone, a supplier of pulverized agricultural limestone, crushed limestone, and white quartzite sand at the company’s Gap, Pa. facility. The new system includes a KR-180 Kuka Robotic Palletizer, infeed conveyors for one line, pallet dispenser, slipsheet dispenser, pallet conveyor system, and Wulftec Stretchwrapping System

“The concept for the Martin system fit well with the 40” rise in elevation at discharge end” says Reichard. “We were able to offer a system with good value that fit well into the company’s financial plan. Benefits include reduced labor costs, increased safety for their employees, and overall improved quality of the finished pallet.” 


Case Study: Palletizing System for Martin Limestone

System Features:

  • Technology:

    • 1 KR-180 Kuka Robotic Palletizer
    • Infeed conveyors
    • Pallet dispenser
    • Slipsheet dispenser

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