LIFO Pushback Pallet Flow System

Last in, first out (LIFO) pushback pallet racking systems are ideal for any company that needs to maximize storage and has products that are not subject to expiration, deterioration or obsolescence. This is because LIFO pushback racking works by positioning the most recently stored inventory to be picked first and enabling high storage density.

Advantages of Pushback Pallet Racking

If the warehouse has multiple SKUs to be stored, each SKU can be placed on a different lane of the pushback rack system so inventory items are easy to locate, pick or put away.

Pushback rack systems are accessible. Further, because they don’t require forklifts to enter the racks, they are not easily damaged in day-to-day operations.

In addition, because of the increased storage density, a LIFO pallet storage system can double the capacity of a warehouse. LIFO pushback racking systems enable packing pallets two to six pallets deep — depending on the volume of goods. This high-density storage maximizes the use of warehouse space. Pushback racking can enable up to 90 percent more product storage in the same space used by selective rack systems.

How Pushback Rack Systems Work

LIFO pushback pallet racking uses gravity to move the pallets on a flow rack where the pallets are pushed back into the system when new pallets are added to the rack. Then, when the front pallets are unloaded, gravity moves the rear pallets forward to the aisle, eliminating the need for drive-in racks or manual handling. Lanes are equipped with either series 2300 wheels or wheeled pallet carts for quiet, frictionless movement. With LIFO systems from Westfalia Technologies, there is always a pallet at the front of the rack for picking.

State-of-the-Art Warehouse Management

Westfalia Technologies uses the innovative Savanna.NET® warehouse management software to control the functions of its racking systems and optimize warehouse operations.

Westfalia LIFO Push-Back Pallet Flow

Benefits of Push Back Racking Systems:

  • Pushback racking system controls inventory by pallet, ensuring LIFO usage.
  • Pushback racking stores multiple SKUs on various levels of lanes for easy product access.
  • Pushback racking maximizes warehouse capacity and space utilization. 
  • Available in two, three, four, five and six pallet deep styles — depending on product volume and warehouse configuration. 
  • Pushback pallet racking can be arranged as standalone bay, or as a back‑to‑back system. 
  • Pushback racking is available with a nested wheel cart or on series 2300 wheels.

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